VISION – helping individuals and organizations understand who they are and what they value. Working to identify strengths and possibilities, weaknesses and areas for growth.

DIRECTION – helping individuals and organizations chart a path for the future. By understanding one’s past and present, it is possible to look “over the horizon” to a future of meaning and fulfillment.

CONSULTING – helping individuals and organizations through the use of use of a variety of assessments and other tools in our work. The goal is to assist others to grow, develop and strengthen as individuals and organizations. Both short and long-term consultations are possible.

In the past several years, Bill has worked with the following groups or organizations:

Bellarmine College Prep, San Jose, CA (Leadership Team)

Bellarmine College Prep, San Jose, CA (Counseling Department)

Contemplative Leaders in Action, Baltimore, MD

Jesuit Education – Australia

Jesuit Schools Network, Washington, DC (Seminars in Ignatian Leadership)

Mount Saint Joseph High School, Baltimore, MD

Mullen High School, Denver, CO

Office of Ignatian Spirituality, Society of Jesus, MD/UNE Provinces

Saint Ignatius College Riverview, Sydney, Australia

Saint Xavier High School, Cincinnati, OH (Counseling Department)